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If you’ve ever had a migraine, it’s in all probability up there in your record of belongings you by no means wish to expertise once more. However dealing with a migraine—with its throbbing ache, sensitivity to mild, nausea, and extra—plus its subsequent migraine hangover means doing all your greatest to be as snug as doable from begin to end.

First, a fast primer on migraine hangovers

A migraine hangover is understood within the medical neighborhood as a migraine postdrome. Migraines have four distinct stages, every with their very own signs, based on the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS):

  • Prodrome: That is the preliminary stage of a migraine, and it will probably occur as much as 24 hours earlier than the headache hits. It may well trigger signs like meals cravings, temper swings, uncontrollable yawning, fluid retention, and peeing greater than traditional.
  • Aura: Throughout this part, you might even see flashing or brilliant lights, or what appears like warmth waves. You may additionally have muscle weak point or the sensation that you simply’re being touched or grabbed.
  • Headache: Also called the “assault,” that is the portion of a migraine that will get essentially the most consideration. It normally begins progressively and builds. Value noting: Not everybody with a migraine could have a headache.
  • Postdrome: That is the migraine hangover half. Throughout this part, you might really feel confused or exhausted for as much as a day.

What does a migraine hangover really feel like?

Everybody experiences migraine hangovers in another way, says Medhat Mikhael, MD, ache administration specialist and medical director of the non-operative program on the Spine Health Center at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, Calif. “Folks might really feel a little bit fatigued or like they wish to sleep,” he says. “Some folks will really feel the other—extra hyper as a result of they’re glad the migraine headache is gone. However most will really feel fatigue.”

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Learn how to take care of your self throughout a migraine hangover

This can be a little difficult. “Many of the medicine we use for migraine just isn’t extremely efficient for postdrome or non-headache ache signs,” says Pengfei Zhang, MD, an assistant professor of neurology on the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Caring for migraine ache “is our endpoint within the scientific setting,” Zhang says. That means, as soon as your headache ache is gone, docs think about therapy successful.

That doesn’t imply there’s nothing you are able to do concerning the closing part of a migraine, nonetheless. Kiran F Rajneesh, MD, director of the Neurological Ache Division at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says there are a number of methods probably make your self as snug as doable throughout this era.

Keep hydrated

“Drink loads of water and electrolytes,” Dr. Rajneesh says. To which, Dr. Mikhael provides that this may also help the mind to get better perform quicker.

Transfer gently

“Yoga, biofeedback and lightweight train may also help by releasing endogenous endorphins,” Dr. Rajneesh says.


Pressure is widespread throughout a migraine hangover, based on Dr. Mikhael says. “Gentle stretching and hydration are vital to alleviate physique aches,” he says.

Eat small meals

This may also help replenish your power and decrease the chance of nausea, Dr. Mikhael says.

Attempt to keep away from brilliant lights

This, together with avoiding loud noises, may also help you’re taking it simple when you might already really feel overstimulated, Dr. Rajneesh says.

Nap if you happen to can

Dr. Mikhael acknowledges that napping might not be doable if it’s important to go to work or have a busy schedule.. “If you happen to can relaxation, taking a 20- or 30-minute nap will make an enormous distinction in how you’re feeling,” he says.

In the end, it’s greatest to do what feels good for you in the case of a migraine hangover—and migraines as a complete. “Some folks don’t have a postdrome,” Dr. Zhang says. “Different folks have it final a day. Everyone seems to be totally different.” If you happen to fall into the latter class, Dr. Rajneesh says, “It’s vital to tempo your self and plan your actions accordingly.”

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