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Your decrease again has been aching for weeks now, however irrespective of how a lot you massage or stretch these muscular tissues alongside your backbone, the ache will not go away. This is likely to be as a result of the issue is not really your again in any respect: Whereas there are a selection of issues that may cause back pain, one which’s simple to miss is tight hamstrings.

Sure, your legs might be the responsible get together. To learn the way to inform if so, and find out how to stretch hamstrings successfully whether it is, we spoke with Katya Campbell, an authorized motion and mobility specialist, yoga trainer, CrossFit coach, and the health director at Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat in British Columbia.

How have you learnt in case your hamstrings are tight sufficient to trigger again ache?

Low again ache can crop up when your hamstrings are so tight that they pull your pelvis out of alignment, which might pressure the deep again muscular tissues. However earlier than blaming your hammies outright, it is useful to find out in the event that they’re tight sufficient to be the wrongdoer. There are just a few primary assessments you are able to do to check your vary of movement, says Campbell.

The best might be the passive ahead fold. To do that, stand upright along with your ft collectively (ideally with no sneakers on) then hinge out of your hips and attain down to the touch your toes or as near your toes as potential.

In case you are inside two inches from reaching the ground, Campbell says that you’ve “average flexibility,” however something larger up may point out extreme tightness in your hamstrings.

Nevertheless, this evaluation has some limitations. Particularly, when you’ve got lengthy arms, it would naturally make it simpler to succeed in the bottom (and people with shorter arms may have a tougher time). Additionally, Campbell factors out that this doesn’t take a look at every leg individually. That’s why she additionally recommends the lively straight leg elevate take a look at.

To do that one, lie on the ground with each legs straight out on the bottom. Preserve one leg flat on the ground and lift the other leg into the air, holding each knees as straight as potential. As you carry your leg, take a look at how far the heel is developing in the direction of the ceiling. Campbell says that ideally, your heel ought to have the ability to come according to or past the other knee. “This can be a nice indicator of hamstring flexibility, and we will see if one leg has higher limitations than the opposite, which is pretty frequent,” she says.

What causes very tight hamstrings?

Generally, chronically tight hamstrings are merely one thing you’re born with. “Genetics do play a job in hamstring size and we will not argue our means out of that one, however there are different elements as nicely,” suggests Campbell. “Extended sitting, inadequate stretching after train, damage, and restricted motion can all contribute to shortened hamstrings.”

Campbell factors out that there’s a distinction between quick, stiff, and tight muscular tissues, despite the fact that we are likely to colloquially describe all of those as feeling “tight.” The nuanced distinctions between every of those conditions can have an effect on what’s occurring in your physique to create this sensation.

In case your hamstrings are quick

“Quick muscular tissues (the least frequent) are sometimes as a result of an damage that has induced a big lack of motion at finish vary for a chronic time frame,” says Campbell. “For instance, an individual is in a solid or a brace. This has induced the muscle to progressively adapt to this new shortened place.”

In case your hamstrings are stiff

Campbell says {that a} stiff muscle outcomes from lack of motion, usually from sitting in a automotive or at a desk, or from overuse as a result of laborious exercises with eccentric exercises or repetitive actions.

In case your hamstrings are tight

“A decent muscle can usually really feel extra like bone than muscle. They’re these thick, ropey muscular tissues that you may stretch repeatedly however are regularly tight,” describes Campbell. “These usually accompany an damage or a poor recruitment sample the place the physique has basically overused the muscle (inflicting it to be extra hypertonic and thus ropey and bony feeling) somewhat than utilizing a extra useful motion sample.”

What are the dangers of not stretching your hamstrings?

In the end, whether or not your hamstrings are stiff, quick, or tight, Campbell says that one of many greatest issues is potential damage. In any case, we have now superb ranges of movement for the hamstrings, which we have now advanced over time for secure actions. When one thing compromises this vary of movement, accidents can happen.

“If our muscular tissues lack these skills, it might probably take one thing small, like tripping over our children’ Lego, to doubtlessly tear a muscle as a result of its lack of ability to increase and contract,” warns Campbell.

Nevertheless it would not essentially take a Lego incident to trigger issues. Overly tight hamstrings “can even add undue pressure on different elements of our physique that must compensate for this lack of motion,” she says. “An ideal instance of that is decrease again ache, which is usually seen on account of tight hamstrings.”

Methods to stretch hamstrings successfully

The important thing to releasing tight hamstrings is to include quite a lot of stretching workout routines into your common routine, says Campbell. Even a devoted 10-minute stretch session could make a serious distinction if you happen to select the correct mix of strikes and know find out how to stretch hamstrings the precise means.

“I wish to mix lively (dynamic) and passive stretching, in order that the muscle has the power to be in a lengthened place in all situations,” says Campbell. “Usually, we would have average passive flexibility (such because the standing ahead fold), however once we make it extra lively, we see higher limitations.”

Campbell shares just a few of the very best hamstring stretches:

Reclined single-leg hamstring stretch

  1. Lie in your again with a strap or belt beside you.
  2. Bend each knees and plant your ft on the ground hip-width aside.
  3. Prolong one leg up above the hip and hook the strap/belt over your midfoot. Attempt to keep a impartial backbone.
  4. Gently straighten the leg.
  5. On an exhale, slowly straighten the other leg onto the ground. If that is an excessive amount of, preserve it bent.
  6. Breath deeply and keep this for 5 deep breaths.
  7. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

Swinging leg touches

  1. Stand upright with one hand on a chair for stability, if wanted.
  2. Shift your weight onto one leg and permit the other leg to swing as if it is a pendulum, backwards and forwards from in entrance of you, to behind you. Be sure that to maintain your chest tall as you do that.
  3. Because the leg loosens up, slowly improve the vary of movement of your swing.
  4. If potential and you’ve got the stability, as you swing the leg out in entrance, take the hand on the other aspect and attain it to the touch in the direction of your toes of the leg that’s swinging because it comes up in entrance of your physique. Keep away from rounding your again to make the contact.
  5. Preserve swinging and kicking to the hand 10 occasions, then change sides.

Field cling

  1. Step up onto a steady field or stair.
  2. Place your toes on the entrance edge along with your ft hip-width aside.
  3. Hinge at your hips (not rounding your again) and permit your physique to hold in order that your arms drape right down to the toes. In case you are versatile or need to problem your flexibility extra, maintain mild dumbbells in your palms to deepen the stretch.
  4. Maintain for 20 to 30 seconds.
  5. Have interaction your core and glutes to slowly stand again up.

Counteracting tight hamstrings isn’t nearly doing leg stretches, nonetheless. When your hamstrings are chronically tight, other muscles—like these deep again muscular tissues—can tighten up as nicely.

“Usually, the decrease again turns into tight, because the hamstrings pull the pelvis again,” explains Campbell. “Engaged on lengthening the erectors (the lengthy muscular tissues alongside the spinal column) will be actually useful, as can foam rolling this space.”

Right here’s find out how to stretch hamstrings for again ache and hit these spinal muscular tissues within the course of with this seated hamstring stretch:

Seated supported ahead folds

  1. Sit on a folded blanket or agency pillow with the legs stretched out in entrance.
  2. Place a agency pillow below the knees.
  3. Hinge from the hips, considering of rolling ahead onto the sting of the sitting bones as you attain the palms alongside the legs in the direction of the ft.
  4. Maintain for one minute, respiratory deeply. Then launch.

Searching for extra leg stretches? Do this decrease physique mobility routine: 

Is there something you are able to do in addition to stretching to assist loosen up tight hamstrings?

Stretching isn’t the end-all-be-all in the case of loosening up tight hamstrings. You would possibly marvel, Will therapeutic massage loosen hamstrings? Definitely. “Therapeutic massage is an excellent approach to improve blood stream, soften connective tissue, and restore wholesome vary of movement,” says Campbell, who notably recommends Thai massage for this function.

Self-myofascial launch strategies like foam rolling and ball rolling can be extremely efficient, she provides. Campbell says she loves an train she calls the “hammy smash roll” with a lacrosse ball or comparable small, agency ball:

  1. Sit on a agency floor with legs overhanging, like a chair.
  2. Place the ball behind one thigh, nestled into the tissue of the hamstrings.
  3. Relaxation the load of the leg onto the ball if you happen to can deal with it.
  4. Slowly lengthen the leg out, mashing the ball into the tissue as you elongate the muscle alongside that strain level.
  5. Do this a number of occasions, and preserve relocating the ball to totally different areas to search out out the place the gnarly spots are. Be sure that to breathe all through your complete course of to assist chill out your tissues.
  6. Swap legs.

How lengthy does it take to loosen tight hamstrings?

In the end, the reason for your tight hamstrings will have an effect on how a lot time it takes to resolve the problem.

“If it is because of damage, the secret is sluggish and regular, and it might probably take a number of months to revive full vary of movement,” says Campbell. “If the tissue is stiff as a result of train (post-workout soreness and rigidity), often a day or two and getting blood stream will loosen issues up. If the muscular tissues are tight and inflexible, it may be one thing that may require common upkeep to maintain issues agile.”

So, be affected person. With constant follow, you may work your approach to feeling limber and agile—and pain-free—once more.

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