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An arthritis analysis usually leads individuals to chop again on train. Initially, that was the method Harry King took. Again when he was simply 50 years outdated and dealing for an insurance coverage firm in South Carolina, a physician advised him to not stroll an excessive amount of or take the steps due to his arthritic knees, suggesting he solely do aqua workouts within the water.

I attempted that for 2 years,” he says. However limiting himself simply did not really feel proper. So he obtained one other physician and tried a brand new technique. “I began exercising and doing the issues an individual who desires an energetic way of life ought to do,” he says. 

A former kayaking coach and karate teacher, he started specializing in low-impact resistance workouts for his legs in order that his muscle mass may grow to be sturdy sufficient to soak up the stress of actions like strolling and mountaineering, fairly than letting that stress fall on his knee joints. Specifically, he zeroed in on his hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves.

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And it labored. Regardless of his cartilage solely being “as thick as a bank card,” as he places it, he constructed up sufficient power to assist his knees by way of a hike throughout all the state of South Carolina at age 75. Which will appear fairly bold, however King, now 81 and a licensed private coach working at Planet Fitness, says that as of late, “my knees do not give me any issues in any respect.”

How train may also help arthritis signs

Specialists again up King’s method. “Train helps to take care of mobility and may also help with reducing additional joint stiffening,” household doctor Tamika Henry, MD, founding father of Unlimited Health Institute, as soon as advised Effectively+Good about working out with arthritis. “Train additionally increases blood flow to the realm, which might improve muscle power and has been related to a lower in ache.” Specifically, research1 exhibits resistance coaching could be particularly helpful, enhancing joint operate, ache, stiffness, and power.

King’s high workouts for arthritic knees

So what had been the workouts that helped King get sturdy sufficient to hike a whole lot of miles on arthritic knees? These had been the 5 he says he targeted on most:

Leg extensions

This train zeroes in on the quadriceps on the highest of the thighs. That is useful as a result of when the quads are weak, the patellar tendon on the base of the kneecap “may have a tough time managing the a great deal of exercise,” bodily therapist Joseph Rayner IV, DPT, beforehand advised Effectively+Good about exercising for knee pain.

The most typical method to do that train is on a devoted leg extension machine.

  1. Sit on the machine along with your shins beneath the pad. Choose a weight that is simply heavy sufficient for about 10 reps, with the final one or two reps feeling difficult to finish.
  2. Slowly straighten your legs (however do not lock your knees).
  3. Progressively carry them again to the beginning place with out letting the load drop.

If you do not have entry to a leg extension machine, you’ll find comparable advantages at dwelling by placing on ankle weights, or strapping a looped resistance band to the underside of a chair or sofa and sitting down, then extending one knee at a time towards that resistance.

Hamstring curls

Many people have tight, weak hamstrings from sitting a lot. And when these muscle mass aren’t sturdy sufficient, different ones overcompensate, resulting in imbalances that might pressure our knees. Hamstring curls may also help stop this.

There are devoted hamstring curl machines on the health club you should utilize:

  1. Sitting on the machine, place your ankles on high of the pad. Choose a weight that is simply heavy sufficient for about 10 reps with the final one or two reps feeling difficult to finish.
  2. Slowly bend on the knee, bringing your ft towards your butt.
  3. Progressively return to the beginning place with out letting the load drop.

If you do not have entry to a machine, you are able to do standing hamstring curls utilizing simply your physique weight, slowly bringing one heel at a time towards your butt. Or you’ll be able to sit down, tie a looped resistance band to a degree in entrance of you, then do seated hamstring curls one foot at a time.

Leg presses

A leg press will work on each your quads and hamstrings, and likewise get your glutes concerned. And as Steve Stonehouse, CPT, vice chairman of programming for Stride and Body Fit Training, as soon as advised Effectively+Good, glute imbalances aren’t solely tremendous widespread, however they’ll result in ache all the way in which down the kinetic chain of your legs—together with the knees.

The normal method to do these is to make use of a leg press machine.

  1. Begin with ft flat on the press, shoulder-width aside; it’s best to have your knees bent at 90 levels to start.
  2. As soon as you have chosen an applicable weight to do 10 reps with the final one or two being difficult to finish, push by way of your heels to straighten your legs (however do not lock the knees).
  3. Slowly bend the knees to carry your physique again towards the press with out letting the load drop.

If you do not have entry to a machine, that is one other occasion the place resistance bands can turn out to be useful: Lie in your again, ft within the air with the band wrapped round them (and holding the opposite finish tight in your palms), then straighten and bend your legs towards the band’s resistance.


Just like a leg press, the traditional squat will work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, and could be simply achieved with no gear in any respect.

Standing along with your ft hip-width aside, bend your knees to carry your butt again after which down (as if you are about to sit down in a chair), then straighten again up.

To extend the problem, you’ll be able to attempt squat variations just like the goblet squat or front squat, each of which add weight.

Calf raises

“Calves are one of the vital under-trained muscle mass in your physique,” licensed private coach Lindsey Lauten as soon as advised Effectively+Good. “Should you’ve ever felt knee ache after doing a couple of burpees or operating on a treadmill, weak calves might be behind it.” She says the answer is including calf raises to your weekly lineup: “Calf raises are a easy, however tremendous efficient and helpful, train.”

Here is methods to do them:

  1. Stand tall, with legs hip-width aside and ft flat on the bottom.
  2. Push by way of the balls of your ft to carry your heels off the bottom.
  3. Decrease again down slowly and with management.

To extend the problem, you’ll be able to attempt doing one leg at a time (grabbing onto one thing steady just like the wall or countertop for stability), or holding weights when you full the transfer.

King’s takeaway at age 81

Along with coaching Planet Health members, King continues to work out usually on his personal, lifting weights or working with TRX straps 4 days every week, and getting in cardio no less than as soon as every week. And he nonetheless does loads of kayaking, which he says offers him a total-body exercise.

His motto? “We cannot surrender our energetic way of life,” King says. “It is too necessary to be energetic at no matter stage you’ll be able to.”

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  1. Wen, Zhigang, and Yi Chai. “Effectiveness of resistance workouts within the remedy of rheumatoid arthritis: A meta-analysis.” Medication vol. 100,13 (2021): e25019. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000025019

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